Nakd Beach Affiliate Program

Nakd Beach Affiliate Program

We at Nakd Beach wanted to show our affiliates how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication by going above and beyond the industry standard.   WE VALUE YOU and have upgraded our Affiliate Program to reflect that.  In addition to free products and standard commissions, we have added a champion tiered-level program that puts you, the affiliate, in charge of your earning potential!   Affiliate's now earn an additional 2% commission on any affiliate they personally sign on or recommends to their affiliate manager.  We've also provided an affiliate portal for you to personally keep track of your earnings!  Becoming a Nakd Beach Champion Affiliate and meeting the requirements below, you have the ability to earn uncapped commission AND monthly bonuses up to $500.00!  
  • All payouts are configured at the end of each month and paid out on the 1st of every FOLLOWING MONTH, as your followers are allowed 14 days to start a return claim.  Commissions will not be paid on items returned.  (Example: All sales made in January, will be totaled on January 31st and commission paid on March 1st.)
As always, thank you for your interest in being part of our family and team!  We look forward to working with you! 

           Affiliate Program Features:

  • Free swimsuit at sign-up.
  • Free monthly swimwear.* (Must meet requirements below to continue receiving free swimwear each month)
  • Personalized discount codes for your followers.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Program Manager.
  • Affiliate portal.
  • 8% Commission.
  • Earn additional 2% Commission on each of YOUR sub-affiliate sales.  Your sub-affiliates will earn 2% commission on THEIR sub-affiliates, and so on.  
  • Earn monthly bonuses.** (Must meet requirements below)
*Requirements for receiving free swimsuits each month:
  • Receive just $200.00 or more in sales per month to qualify for your monthly free swimsuit codes. 
  • Receive under $200.00 in sales per month and receive a code for 50% off a swimsuit each month for the duration of your partnership with Nakd Beach.
**Requirements for meeting monthly bonus:
  • Must meet qualifying sales threshold per month. (calculated on a month to month basis for Bronze/Silver/Gold/& Platinum levels)
  • Bronze Affiliate:  Achieve between $1,000 - $2,499.99 in sales and receive additional $50.00 BONUS!
  • Silver Affiliate:  Achieve between $2,500.00 - $4,999.99 in sales and receive additional $100.00 BONUS!
  • Gold Affiliate:  Achieve between $5,000.00 - $9,999.99 in sales and receive additional $250.00 BONUS!
  • Platinum Affiliate:  Achieve $10,000.00 and above in sales and receive additional $500.00 BONUS!
Nakd Beach reserves the right to use and share the photos you tag us in.  Please get permission from your professional photographers, who will be mentioned, to use their photos. 
Nakd Beach reserves the right to change the policy and/or cancel partnership for any reason, at any time.

Nakd Beach is dedicated to our customer's experience.  We guarantee our products and service, and offer friendly return policies.



Updated 03/01/20 and replaces all prior Nakd Beach Affiliate Program.